Jon Speers


Man in blue blazer sitting in front of plants and window

“I attribute my success to this—I never or took an excuse.”

— Florence Nightingale

I got my start in commercial real estate at one of the world’s largest multinational firms, representing landlords and owners of industrial properties. What a way to get started as a young broker. I worked with Fortune 500 clients and one of North America’s largest private companies, and these clients dictated my focus; I shifted to corporate representation and transaction management across entire corporate real estate portfolios. However, despite working with such large clients, I’ve always maintained face-to-face relationships with those clients, that’s always been an important detail of this job for me.

That’s why I knew Equitable was the right move. I was ready for a tighter atmosphere where I could still build relationships with my clients because I believe that’s the key to any successful deal. I’ve worked in the industry for nearly two decades with over 500 transactions across the country but building a client relationship has always been my priority. I like to think it’s what’s gotten me to where I am today and what will allow me to help build the Equitable brand.