Johnson Phillips


Man in blazer sitting in front of window

It’s better to be a pirate than join the Navy.

– Steve Jobs

Unlike most of the team here, I got my start in residential real estate, working in project management, finance, architectural design and consulting.  After moving to Memphis post-college graduation, I founded my own development and building company that focused on residential development and custom homes for communities like Harbor Town and Central Gardens. Homebuilding is a bit of a different feel than commercial real estate, but it’s given me valuable insight into an industry that can have a lot of crossover.

When I moved to Nashville in 2013 I was eager to transition away from homebuilding and into development. I reconnected with my college friend Land who had recently founded Equitable, and it was the perfect fit. When I joined the Equitable team in 2014, I think my differing background became another piece of the whole puzzle for the group; working together, we really can reach any solution for a client. We don’t need different divisions and departments as you would find at a large, national firm; we just all work together. I got into commercial real estate because I wanted to hand in hand with smart people who are actively growing our community, and that’s exactly what I found at Equitable. I get to work on projects that not only grow our city but are also outside the box; I enjoy working with properties and businesses that have hurdles and challenges that need to be overcome.

My wife and I like to travel with our kids in our spare time, getting outdoors as much as possible. With friends, I go skilling, trail running, and backpacking, hitting up Cashiers, North Carolina in the warm months and cashing fresh powder in winter.