Giles Ward


“Discipline is a choice. It’s simply consistently choosing the hard right over the easy wrong.”

– Rory Vaden

For the last 20 years, my work experience has been heavily data-driven: Healthcare analytics, finance, technology, you name it. Through it all, I’ve always maintained an intense interest in market presence and always searched out opportunities for growth.

I’m no stranger to Equitable. I’ve been friendly with them for many years and I’ve even been a client of theirs. As a client, I always referred to Equitable as a “real estate special ops” team. When I needed someone to go in and get results quickly, they were my first call. On many occasions at my old job, our board-mandated national provider of real estate services would tell us that there weren’t any suitable sites to fit our needs. That’s when I would put Equitable on the case. And they never disappointed. Equitable’s intense client focus and non-standard approach to real estate solutions always got the job done.

When Equitable offered me a spot on the team in 2021, I jumped at the chance. It was an easy transition for me to apply my data analysis skills and offer proven methodology to our clients, many of whom are looking to expand their regional and national presence.

I was born and raised in Southern Africa and I miss being there all the time. Immersing myself in nature helps me to feel connected to my old life. That’s why my hobbies include running, hiking, biking, fishing, or anything else that gets me outdoors with friends and family.